Terms & Conditions

3D Solex is owned by CEPTA AS, registered in Norway since 2001, under the registration number 983 063 306MVA.Please see our resellers.

Vat may be charged on the receiver end, for which 3D Solex is not responsible.

Shipping occurs from Norway which is not a member of the EU, but has an EEA trade agreement. This means that most products are customs free to EU and many other countries, and they are sold without any VAT. Vat may be charged on the receiver end, for which 3D Solex is not responsible.
All shipments are in neutral packagings, marked with “Hobby Parts” and such.

We guarantee all our products for a period of 2 years, except parts which are expected to wear, like PTFE, Sensors & Heaters, Nozzles, other plastic parts.   In our experience, we have en extremely low failure rate of cables, since all these are tested before hand. Since we oureselves are happy printing people, we know how annoying the changing of cheap cables can be.

Extended warranty 1:
We have som high tech products, which would normally not be covered by guarantee, but which we do.
One example is our “TF2K” PTFE combo. We guarantee this combinationt to work for at least 6 months, regardless of how much you are printing. Physical wear by tough filaments is not covered, but we have had no guarantee cases so far.

Extended warranty 2:
We guarantee our Heaters (35W and 40W only) and our Temp Sensor PT100 for 1 year from purchase, even if this is regarded as a consumable. These are high quality items which are tested individually, which is why we can offer this img_0765guarantee.  (Not valid for destroyd sensors removed from non-original Olsson Blocks etc, because of wrong calibre.

We strongly support the use of the various fora-forums.  Email to us is always answered withing 24 hours!

Avant garde:
Since many of our products are pushing the edges of the industry standard, it cannot be avoided that there will be (and has been 2 times) product recalls.  This is usually solved by us sending out updated versions free of charge. We are sorry for invonveniences caused.