3DSolex Printcore Engineer 350 C


PRINT OUR PEKK on your Ultimaker

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We bring the nozzle to 350C, you do the rest.
350 C Maximum temperature. 200 C Minimum temperature.

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    The Printcore ENGINEER 350 C is a drop-in replacement for the standard Print Core AA.

    Ultimaker 3-S3-S5.

    With our specially formulated PEKK material, you can print engineering quality products!
    Printed item can take 250C continuously. There is no need to buy a 12.000 Eur printer.

    Attention: Outgassing from filaments printed at these temperatures are not healthy, and the safety sheets of the manufacturer must be observed. -Also, the fans of the printhead must be working.

    Te main concern is the outgassing of from the materials being printed. Please study the safety documents which come with your printer. * All metal hot end. *

    * There is limited guarantee for the Printcore Engineer 350 C.
    * You know it if you need this product.
    * Will not work well under 220C, due to PID issues.
    * Does not work with PLA.
    * Core rebuild (regardless of fault, cost 125 Eur, incl. return DHL Express).

    * Hardcore Engineer 350 C ships with tools for nozzle change, and the following nozzzles: 1 x 0.40 Brass Ice standard AA / BB nozzle 2 x 0.50 mm Stainless Steel 1 x 0.60 mm  EVERLAST Sapphire Attention: Brass nozzles will be softer at these elevated temperatures, and last shorter. Optional extras: Various nozzles sizes. Additional information: All parts are plated (not SS nozzle) and of exceptional quality. Each nozzle is a tiny little masterpiece and of a uniquely high build quality ( not 0.50 mm SS which is a standard nozzle).
    We are pressing the prices down to a reasonable level, you and your printer deserve it! Warning: The nozzles will not fit any other block. The Hardcore can only use these nozzles. Mixing other nozzles/ blocks will destroy both block and nozzle. Guarantee does not cover destroyed Block / nozzle due to threading failure.
    * Guarantee: The Hardcore is classified as a consumable. This means that much like tires on a car it wears out quickly or slowly depending on use. However; we introduce a limited guarantee for our Hardcore Engineer: We will restore any faulty Hardcore Engineer 350 C  for 125 Eur, including return DHL EXPRESS Shipping.


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