Olsson Block Kit


Legacy. Comes as standard  in UM2+. This is the original and famous “Olsson Block”. It is installed in thousands of Ultimaker 2`s world wide.

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    LEGACY PRODUCT. Few left in stock.
    This is the original, famous “Olsson Block”, designed by Anders Olsson.

    Ships with Olsson Block, 4 nozzles, 0.25-0.40-0.60-0.80mm and tools.

    When it came to market it completely changed the usability and thereby the value of the Ultimaker 2. It was subsequently incorporated into the UM2+ as a standard feature.
    With it, it became possible to simply and reliably change nozzle in just seconds.
    This is Legacy product, and 3D Solex only has a small stock of the item.
    It is superseeded by the Matchless V3 block, which has a number of significant improvements.
    Unfortunately, the Olsson Block has been copied by several Chinese manufacturers, causing trouble for users.
    The trouble originates from incorrect calibre of sensor holes, mainly.  A too large heater hole will not be able to absorb the heat from the cartridge. And there is more…


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    Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm
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