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European Space Agency-Philips Eindhoven-Oslo University-Tel Aviv Uni-Univ Colorado-Glasgow Univ. BMW-VW-Max Planck Inst-Ultra Cold Lab Singapore-Skolkovo Uni Moscow-ETH Zürich. Universites in the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Italy, CH, Turkey, KSA (Saud), Egypt, Israel, India, China, Tawian, Japan, Peru , Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland.
Special thanks to all individuals and companies who invested in our products.
Thank you for help and feedback in our “bleeding edge”, Karl Heinz  and R*  in Germany, Seb in Spain, Arthur in Haifa, Gregor and Stefan in CH, Didier, Thomas, Alexandra, Robinson, Uwe, Ulf, Sascha, Uorschla, and many more..

The great advantage

Category: Nozzles

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