UM2 Nozzles

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SS 50 “ICE” – 0.50mm Nozzle

Helps preventing PLA from  sticking to your  nozzle Will not carry blobs of PLA or any other filament around your print! Super easy Cold Pull!
0.50mm size can have an advantage with certain difficult, fibrous filaments, less clogging.
Lasts even longer than stainless steel nozzles. For some users it will “payback” after first use!
(Ill. image- actual image coming).
For UM2/ UM2+



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UM2+ 5- ICE Nozzle Kit w/ 0.40 EVERLAST Ruby

This great kit consists of 5 nozzles, for the UM2+ / Matchless / Olsson / E3D:
0.25-0.40-0.60-0.80 ICE Brass nozzles + 0.40 Everlast Ruby

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3DSolex Matchless 2.0 mm for 2.85 – 1.75

Optimized for 3D Solex V3 Block. Backwards compatible with “Olsson Block”. This high tech nozzle will significantly increase plastic output, completing prints faster. Alternatively, you can print cooler!